2022 Conference – Thursday Sessions, December 8

All times are Pacific Time.  If you’re a member of an institution that’s already registered for the PNW Engage Conference, use this page to RSVP for the sessions you’d like to attend.  You’ll receive an email confirmation with a joining link for each session.  Do not register yourself for more than one session scheduled at the same time.  Note that video recordings will be available for several weeks after the conference for any sessions that you miss and still want to watch.

8:30-9:00 a.m.

Networking Breakfast and Exhibit Tables Open

9:00-10:15 a.m.

A Leadership Annual Giving Forum
Julie Feely, Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB), Bob Burdenski, Robert Burdenski Annual Giving
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Hear from a group of fundraisers with insights about face-to-face fundraising and managing a portfolio of prospects. Julie was once the director of annual giving at Reed College, and now manages a portfolio of major and planned gift prospects at OPB. How was her transition from annual giving to major gift fundraising, and what advice does she have for leadership annual giving fundraisers?

Self-Service Reporting & Dashboards
Tammi Burkhardt, Oregon Health & Science University
Amanda Hoskins, Oregon Health & Science University

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This session will cover how dashboards and detailed reports can provide visual and in-depth representations of an organization’s KPIs, strategic objectives, track performance, and essential business data. In addition, the session will highlight when it might be beneficial to use a report over a dashboard or vice-versa, making it digestible and suitable for varying audiences.

How to Market Corporate Philanthropy Opps at Your Institution
Sydney Faye Williams, Double the Donation
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Join Double the Donation and dive into the research, strategy, and tactics needed to market corporate philanthropy opportunities at your school successfully. With $4 – $7 billion of match revenue left on the table each year, how much matching gift revenue do you think your organization is missing?

10:30-11:45 a.m.

The Recurring Riddle of Regular Giving and the Success of OPB’s Sustainer Program
Anne Ibach, Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB)
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Anne Ibach has crafted OPB Sustainer giving strategies that have more than doubled Membership revenue over the past ten years – even as other not-for-profits struggle to get traction with recurring-giving donors. She’ll talk about her data-driven successes with the OPB Sustainer program, and offer advice for those seeking to build recurring giving programs at their own institutions.

The Five Ws of Standard Advancement Services Operating Procedures
Amy Everson, Oregon Humane Society
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Come join Amy Everson and Ross Imbler as they walk through the Five Ws — Who, What, When, Where and Why of the most beloved topic of Advancement Services. We promise that it will be the most engaging, outstanding thing you have experienced in the last month, year, or possibly ever!* *This is a non-binding agreement, as such a promise is unable to be executed and enforced because it is simply and completely out of the realm of possibility. Please come anyway. We will have “snacks.”

Sponsor Session Raiser’s Edge Integrations
Art Gerstein, ReceipterPro/DonorTek
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Session description to follow.

11:45-1:00 p.m.

Networking Lunch on your own.

See our list of close-by recommendations.

1:00-2:15 p.m.

Phonathons 2.0 – The Multi-Channel Engagement Center
Nick Harvey, Western Washington University
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Today’s student calling center has become a multi-channel marvel, with texting, personal videos, handwritten notes, appointment setting, and, oh yes – calling. Hear how WWU achieves success with its student representatives in its Engagement Center, bring your own success stories to share as well, or just come and learn more about how engagement centers are providing a phonathon upgrade.

Benchmarking 101: A Framework for Identifying Best Practices
Maureen Procopio, University of Oregon
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Benchmarking is a bit of art and a dash of science. Comparing your advancement organization’s performance and practices against peers is an essential step in elevating outcomes. Join Maureen Procopio as she shares ways to identify, compare, interpret, and adapt outstanding practices from other organizations to help your team improve its performance. This session will provide you with a path to creating your own framework to confidently conduct peer outreach and gather outstanding and emerging practices for consideration at your own institution. Topics we’ll cover include:
◾ The importance of benchmarking your organization
◾ Knowing when to benchmark
◾ Identifying and selecting the right peers
◾ Collecting peer information
◾ Adapting and using the information for your organization
Come prepared to share your questions and ideas!

Case Study: Oregon Symphony’s Gala – In Person & Livestreamed
Leslie Simmons, Victoria Wolfe and Lauren Sadataki
Oregon Symphony

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This past April, the Oregon Symphony raised more than $1.5 million at its annual Gala, which included both an in person dinner, concert, and paddle raise as well as a free livestream of the one-hour concert. Come learn about what made this event successful—We will cover the in person event donor cultivation and fundraising, how the livestreamed concert has turned into a successful annual fund revenue generator, and how all of this is tracked internally by leveraging our database and event platform.

2:30-3:45 p.m.

The Week After Giving Tuesday – A Debrief
Dan Scarpelli, City of Hope and Carol Perales, Portland State University
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It’s the tenth anniversary of Giving Tuesday, and it will have happened a week before the conference. How’d it go? What was your definition of success? What were your secrets to success? What’s your Giving Tuesday donor stewardship plan? And what’s your Next Giving Tuesday plan going forward? Join a forum and we’ll discuss what just happened, and what’s to come with Giving Tuesday and other giving day fundraising strategies.

Building a Successful Prospect Management Program with Data-Driven Methods
Amanda Hoskins and Caroline Oblack, Oregon Health & Science University
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A strong prospect management tracking system promotes collaboration and trust within an organization and helps inform an organization’s strategy by leveraging data-driven insights. Join Amanda Hoskins and Caroline Oblack from Oregon Health & Science University Foundation as they share how they are utilizing prospect management to inform gift officer and fundraising goals, to provide annual and year-over-year projections, and discover new fundraising opportunities.

Donor Benefits and Stewardship
Leslie Simmons, Victoria Wolfe and Lauren Sadataki
Oregon Symphony

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What creates meaningful interactions, what strengthens relationships, and what engages donors to increase their giving? Join the Oregon Symphony team for a conversation on how they steward their donors to communicate impact and express gratitude. Learn about what we’re doing to brainstorm stewardship ideas for your next year. 

4:00-5:15 p.m.

Campaign Planning and Management – The Role of Advancement Services
Amanda Hoskins, Oregon Health & Science University
Maureen Procopio, University of Oregon
John Taylor

Zoom signup. (Zoom registration required.)

The mission of this panel is to explore the right role advancement services should play in campaign activities. Too often, Advancement Services professionals are left out of these discussions. We’ll discuss how best to change those dynamics. On the flip side, some of us have been tasked with most aspects of campaign planning and management – in addition to our “day job.” We will review how to balance both roles – and what tools, reports, and project management solutions might facilitate those activities.

A “Last Call” Digital Fundraising Forum
Dan Scarpelli, City of Hope
Bob Burdenski

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Bring your digital fundraising topics to this catch-all conversation. Alternative payment options? Facebook? LinkedIn? Social media advertising? Multi-channel integration? Digital fundraising metrics? Favorite digital tools? No topic is off-limits!