2022 Conference – Bonus Sessions on Zoom

All times are Pacific Time.  These two conference sessions had to be rescheduled and will be presented in coming weeks on Zoom. We will announce date and time details for both.

Aligning Gift Administration Practices with How — and When — the Money Comes In
Jennifer Liu-Cooper, Oregon State University

Although our goal of engaging, asking, and thanking donors remains the same, big shifts in technology, commerce, and communications have radically changed how we book, bank, and acknowledge gifts—in a timely and efficient manner! We’ll discuss methods for aligning gift administration practices with the times in areas like:
◾ Company Matching and Employee-Directed gifts you get from 3rd party vendors like Benevity and Cybergrants.
◾ Sending (mostly) email receipts.
◾ Auto-creating and loading gift batches into your CRM.
◾ Creating a single data stream that combines online gifts and checks received in the mail.
◾ Using document imaging to eliminate paper files, keep 3yrs of gift backup for the IRS, and place donor intention at your fundraisers’ fingertips.
Come with your ‘Riddle me this, Batman’ questions and stories of how you’re innovating!

Purposeful Partners – When Annual Giving and Advancement Services Collaborate and Coordinate, Everyone Wins
Jennifer Liu-Cooper, Oregon State University Foundation
Ross Imbler, Oregon Humane Society

This session will discuss the opportunities and challenges (that we can face when we don’t leverage the opportunities) of a collaborative partnership between Advancement Services and Annual Giving. We will use specific examples of how and why we should work together, speaking from individual perspectives. Throughout the discussion, we’ll engage and encourage the audience to chime in with their challenges, questions, and solutions.