Thursday Morning, November 5th: Schedule and Session Signup

All times are Pacific Time.  If you’re a member of an institution that’s registered for the PNW Engage Conference, use this page to RSVP for the sessions you’d like to attend.  You must use your institution credentials (email address, etc.) to be approved and checked in.   Note that recordings for all sessions will be available after the conference.  Do not register for more than one session scheduled at the same time.  You’ll receive an email confirmation with joining instructions for each session.

8:00-8:45 a.m.
Morning Zoom Roundtables

Digital Engagement Officer Tips and Ideas
Hosted by Bob Burdenski
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Supporting Work-Life Balance in a Virtual World
Hosted by Lisa Thomas
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Virtual Engagement
Hosted by Seattle University
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9:00-10:15 a.m.

Integrating Alumni Engagement & Annual Giving:
An “Invite, Involve, Invest” Model
Margaret Neitzel and Jonathan Brown, Seattle University
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In early 2019, Seattle University Advancement strategically merged its Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving teams. This change allowed Annual Giving staff, who were formerly the “odd men out” among Major Gift officers, to partner with colleagues similarly focused on broad-based communications and engagement. It also de-siloed Alumni Engagement, the department’s only team not focused on fundraising or direct fundraising support. The integration has increased the amount of philanthropy education baked into Alumni Engagement communications, drastically improved Annual Giving’s approach to the fundraising cycle, given both Annual Giving and Major Gifts officers more opportunities to connect with and plug-in constituents, and led to an overall improvement in understanding and respect between teams focused on different aspects of the donor pipeline. Join us as we share some of the struggles, successes, and lessons learned from this integration, including the development of our “Invite, Involve, Invest” model.

An Information Asset Dashboard
Brian Dowling, VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation
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The “back room” is a complicated place. We must deal with all manner of complicated data, volume activities, multiple systems, reports, projects, ad-hoc requests and much more. The aggregate amount of our work is often little understood by our end user community. We need to champion our need for resources, we need to actively demonstrate our successes, we need to educate our stakeholders. Do you have an effective way of providing your key “back room” metrics to your end user community in order to work the “front room?”
This session will focus on the ideas on developing an “Information Asset Dashboard” to help you both manage the “back room” and inform your stakeholders of your team’s efforts. We will talk overall strategy, we will engage the evil gods of live demos to show some of information asset dashboard in action, and we will have practical examples of using this information for your budget and resource allocation exercises. This will be very interactive and allow us to have some great interaction and conversion, so come with your ideas, questions, concerns, and expertise, and don’t be at all shy about sharing!

Setting Student Fundraisers up for Success
Rachel Spencer, Vanilla Soft
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Your student fundraising team carries the lion’s share of the responsibility when it comes to converting and engaging your alumni and donors. It is largely up to them to deliver a positive experience for potential donors and, ultimately, inspire them to make a financial contribution. Despite this, oftentimes insufficient investment is made in recruiting and developing the best team for the task. This session will look at topics such as; student recruitment, training, development, motivation, incentives, retention and team-building. Your students are taking on what is arguably the toughest job in the development team and placing themselves on the very front line of your institution’s fundraising efforts. With this in mind, this entirely student-focussed session will ensure that you and your team are set up for maximum success.

10:30-11:45 a.m.

More Favorites From the 2020 Annual Giving Idea Exchange
Bob Burdenski
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NOTE: Schedule Change – This session will not be presented live but will be recorded and available in the conference video archive.  

For 21 years, Bob Burdenski has hosted an annual exchange where hundreds of institutions share thousands of annual giving innovations, ideas and success stories. Awesome appeals, terrific technologies, dynamic discoveries and marvelous messages. It was a great year of pushing the envelope in direct mail, digital and beyond. Come and see CASE Innovations in Annual Giving author Bob Burdenski dump out his bag of BOB (Best of the Bunch) awards for some of the clever fundraising ideas of the year – both pre-virus and post-virus. If you’ve enjoyed Bob’s batches at other conferences this year, here’s a new and final collection of ideas from a whole range of institutions.

Making the Case for Using the Right Data
Tessa Burke, Anthology
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Today, creating personalized touchpoints for alumni and donors is critical to building their engagement. And while advancement services have the data that teams need to be able to build engagement effectively, this often goes awry. In this session, we’ll talk about ways you can advise teams as to what data they can and should use for engagement, ways that the rest of the division can help update data, and capturing the right data to inform strategies.

Building Donor Engagement: Implementing Your Calling Program Remotely
Rob Schlitts, Wilson-Bennett Technology
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Encourage donor engagement while practicing social distancing. SOAR (Student Outreach to Alumni Remotely) enables your student callers to be managed remotely. Join our session to find out more about strategic off-site management practices.

11:45 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
Lunch and Screen Break (on your own)