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All times are Pacific Time.  If you’re a member of an institution that’s registered for the PNW Engage Conference, use this page to RSVP for the sessions you’d like to attend.  You must use your institution credentials (email address, etc.) to be approved and checked in.   Note that recordings for all sessions will be available after the conference.  Do not register for more than one session scheduled at the same time.  You’ll receive an email confirmation with joining instructions for each session.

1:00-2:15 p.m.

Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis in Annual Giving:
An Integrated Approach and Key Takeaways

Brin O’Hare, Royal Columbian Hospital
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As fundraisers, the global COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our work in countless ways. In many cases, we have had to creatively re-strategize in order to meet current needs. This session will examine how Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation’s Annual Giving (AG) team quickly adjusted our direct response strategy to support our hospital’s pressing COVID-19 response needs, taking inspiration from multi-channel marketing approaches used in the commercial sector. I will discuss how close collaboration between AG and communications teams and the greater integration of mail and digital tools improved efficiencies and resulted in a significant increase in online giving and donor acquisition. While this session will focus on direct response strategy within the content of hospital philanthropy, key takeaways will be applicable to all types of philanthropy.

Enduring Years of Personnel Crises and Loss
and Emerging as a Stronger Fundraising Machine
Scott Fendley, Central Washington University
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Advancement professionals like to think we are invincible. But we cannot escape the real world. We often travel through rough water, too. When that water builds to a Tsunami over time, organizations are not always equipped with necessary damage control and recovery mechanisms. Many professionals will give up and look for calmer waters. With strong and focused leadership, it doesn’t have to be that way. This session hopes better to prepare us for the inevitable personnel and management crisis. We will review real-life scenarios, including a five-plus year storm that hung over one institution, that turn Advancement programs upside down. But we will demonstrate how through it all, we can not only maintain a high performing operation but come through it all setting new fundraising records!

Bringing Joy Back into Our Fundraising
Felicity Meu and Casey Fish, Give Campus
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The media environment in 2020 has been challenging. We’re bombarded with news about the global pandemic, a racial reckoning, and a divisive political climate. While it’s important to meet the gravity of the moment, our communication does not need to be all bleak all the time. We can be thoughtful and in touch with the seriousness of the moment, while still tapping into positivity and creativity. School is joyful. Community is joyful. Giving back is joyful. Let’s laugh through the pain and use digital fundraising communication strategies to bring smiles back to your donors’ faces, positivity to our newsfeeds, and joyful generosity to our institutions.

2:30-3:45 p.m.

Prospect Pipeline:
Leveraging LinkedIn, Predictive Models & Engagement Ecosystems
Laurent “Lo” DeJanvry, University of California at Berkeley
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Developing a healthy pipeline of new donor prospects is an essential component of your institution’s fundraising success in your current and next campaign. Come to this session to hear how to identify new prospects leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Predictive Modeling, how to initiate contact and qualify new potential prospects at scale, and how to create meaningful engagement opportunities for leadership and major gift prospects leveraging Zoom. Don’t rely on luck and chance to make your fundraising campaign a success — start investing in developing your prospect pipeline today!

Implementing a Data Governance Program
Jon Thorsen and Bill Jacko, Washington State University
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Managing data is one of the most complex and most essential roles Advancement Services professionals fulfill. Determining the essential data elements, we will measure and report, who sets the rules, how changes are managed, and how all data users are represented requires a carefully structured approach. A Data Governance program extends beyond data management to our core business processes. In this session, we will discuss ways to implement a program and the benefits that result.

Advancement Leaders Speak: Results from RNL’s Recent Poll of Fundraisers
Chris Bingley and Meg WeberRNL
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Through a series of pulse surveys over the past six months, Ruffalo Noel Levitz has gathered feedback and insights from more than 5,000 advancement professionals. Join us for this release of results from our most recent poll of fundraisers. Learn more about what your peers say are the most challenging, successful, and creative ways to innovate in times of tight resources, while we all go beyond ‘business as usual.’

4:00-5:15 p.m.

A Digital Fundraising Forum
Margaret Neitzel, Seattle University and Bob Burdenski
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Bring your digital fundraising questions and topics to this catch-all session all about crowdfunding, alternative payments, texting, QR codes, giving days, social media, email fundraising, predictions for the future and more.

A Donor Wants to Give us What? Accepting, or Not, the Weird or Bizarre
John Taylor
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Increasingly donors are attempting to donate unique, and not always desired, forms of non-cash gifts. This session will focus on the establishment of protocol and policy to facilitate acceptance – or rejection – of these gifts. We will look at gifts of securities, as well as the IRS concern regarding related versus unrelated gifts of property. We will conclude with a lightning round covering a dozen or so other forms of non-standard gifts – including virtual currency.

There’s No “I” in Team: Building Strategic Partnerships in Advancement
Correan Barker & Abby Kelso, The Evergreen State College
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Events bring new meaning to the word collaboration. Current remote work can further perpetuate existing organizational silos at an institution and create barriers for more meaningful, effective, and efficient events. Join us for an in-depth look at how effective partnerships led to success for our signature alumni event, Return to Evergreen. You’ll leave with techniques for building strategic relationships with colleagues across advancement and your institution that can foster ingenuity in your current environment and beyond, enhance efficiency of operations, and provide tools to position yourself as a leader in your organization.