Monday Sessions in Seattle and on Zoom – December 6

All times are Pacific Time.   You can attend Monday sessions in person at Seattle University or watch livestreamed on Zoom.    Please complete a Zoom RSVP for each Monday session – It includes a question about whether you’ll join us in person or on Zoom.   (It also lets us know how many people will be in each room.) Keep your Zoom confirmation email link as a backup.  

If you’re a member of an institution that’s already registered for the PNW Engage Conference, use this page to RSVP for the sessions you’d like to attend.  You’ll receive an email confirmation with joining instructions for each session.  You must use your personal institution email address (No Gmail, etc.) to be approved and checked in. Also, do not use generic office email addresses. (development@, etc.). Do not register yourself for more than one session scheduled at the same time.  Note that video recordings will be available for several weeks after the conference for any sessions that you miss and still want to watch.

Session signup will be closed the night before a session is scheduled – please do not wait to signup for the sessions you want to attend. 

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10:00-10:45 a.m.

Opening Plenary Session:
Get Engaged:  All The Sessions You Don’t Want To Miss…
Welcome, Introductions and Conference Highlights
Margaret Neitzel and Bob Burdenski, Conference Co-Chairs
With a welcome from Ellen Whitlock Baker, Seattle University.
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Conference Host and Co-Chair Margaret Neitzel from Seattle University will join CASE Laureate and annual giving curmudgeon Bob Burdenski to launch the 2021 Pacific Northwest Engage Conference with a festive welcome and a rapid-fire rundown of their favorite conference sessions and speakers to follow.

11:00 a.m.-12:15 p.m.

Driving Alumni Engagement in Your Comprehensive Campaign
Margaret Neitzel, Seattle University
Corinne Pann, MBA, Seattle University

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In FY21, to capitalize on the final year of both a long comprehensive campaign and our president’s 24-year tenure, the Seattle University Office of Alumni Engagement launched “Our Moment for Mission,” a year-long engagement campaign to drive alumni connection, volunteerism, and giving. We set and achieved an audacious goal of engaging 10,000 unique alumni. In this session, we’ll review our cross-campus planning efforts and the key strategies employed to drive success—including improvements to data tracking, a tightly focused marketing campaign, and passion-driven fundraising.

The Supporter Journey
Betsy Johnson Brown, Swedish Medical Center Foundation
Christine Lessard, University of Washington

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What stewardship similarities and differences are there between a major healthcare center and a major university? Hear where the supporter journey paths converge and diverge as Betsy and Christine talk about stewardship at their respective institutions.

12:15-1:30 p.m.

Networking Lunch for Groups, Friends, or Groups of Friends
for In-Person Seattle Attendees

1:30-2:45 p.m.

Community-Centric Engagement and Fundraising
Ellen Whitlock Baker, Seattle University
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Learn how the UW Alumni Association worked with a group of community experts to develop a plan to center community in its engagement work, an anti-racist practice that calls for systemic change. Discuss options for how to begin this work at your institution,  and what change in structure and thinking might be needed in order to fully embrace a community-centric approach to our work. More resources about community-centric fundraising and engagement can be found here: Home – CCF (

Re-Engaging the Disengaged Donor
John Taylor, John H. Taylor Consulting LLC
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This session will look at what most frequently disenchants donors. We’ll answer the question: “What have we done (or not done) that caused our donor to disengage – and disappear?” We will also discuss how you can tell who has become disenchanted, collect information on why they became disenchanted, and discuss what you can do to win them back.

3:00-4:15 p.m.

The New Annual Giving Org Chart: Staffing, Sharing, Sourcing and Skill Sets
Ashley Buderus, Aspen Leadership Group, Andrea Michelbach, Pacific Lutheran University, Margaret Neitzel, Seattle University, Connor Tudbury, Boise State University and Bob Burdenski
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A generation of fundraisers worked in the calling room as students and then were hired by the advancement office. It still happens, but as desired skill sets have expanded, the career paths have become more varied. Where do you find digital fundraisers? What if YOUR skills are a little outdated? What if your best candidate wants to work remotely? When do you share skills among departments? And when do you outsource a job function to a third party? Hear from a group that’s actively budgeting, hiring, recruiting, promoting and watching as the org chart quickly evolves to keep up with today’s challenges and opportunities.

Annual Philanthropy & Memorial/Tribute Giving
in Healthcare and Medical Schools
Ande Peterson, UW Medicine
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The Annual Philanthropy team at UW Medicine has developed a memorial giving model that uses peer-to-peer fundraising to inspire engagement. Learn how UW Medicine has leveraged memorial and tribute giving across channels to foster collaboration between annual giving, major gift officers, faculty, donors and patients.

4:15-5:30 p.m.

In-Person Meet and Greet at Rhein Haus Seattle
for In-Person Seattle Attendees – Sponsored by MCR

Say hello to your fellow attendees and enjoy a relaxed end to the opening conference day.  Exercise some of your old networking muscles with a beverage of choice and some fun networking at the Rhein Haus – across the street from the Seattle U. campus.